Water Service Line Installation and Regulations

Water Service Line Installation and Regulations

  1. A System Development charge is dependent upon the size of the line requested.  This charge is required at the time this application is submitted to the Water District. Call the Water District for the current rates
  2.  The applicant must have authority on behalf of the property owner to apply for water service.
  3. A water main must abut the owner’s property to be eligible for municipal water service. Ownership of property service lines will remain with the property owner.
  4. A street service is pipe, valves and fittings that lay in public or private right of way to the property line. A property service is pipe, valves and fittings that lay in the owner’s property.
  5. An on property waste valve impervious to frost must be installed on the owner’s property.
  6.  All pipes must be buried a minimum of 4 1/2 to 5 feet.
  7.  Fittings must be compression type. Radiator clamps and insert fittings are not allowed.
  8. Blue water tape must be laid the entire length of pipe, prior to backfill. No other utilities will be allowed in the water line trench and must be separated by a minimum of 5 feet, 10 feet for septic systems and/or sewer pipes. Utilities crossing each other must be sleeved or encased for protection of water supply. In extreme cases, trench separation regulations will be waived at the discretion of the Water Superintendent.
  9.  All street service lines will be installed by the Oak Bluffs Water District or its designee. All property service line installations must comply with the Oak Bluffs Water District requirements.
  10. Residential services will be limited to 1, 1 1/2 and 2 inch Class 200 polyethylene, copper tube size water tubing or K-type copper. New services must have a plastic sleeve for protection if being poured in foundation floor or wall and 10ft of plastic sealed sleeve when crossing sewer line.
  11. Commercial service will be limited to 1, 1 1/2, 2,6,8 and 12 inches with sizing and materials to be determined by the Water District.
  12.  All property service lines will be inspected by a representative of the Water District prior to back filling with a minimum of 24 hours’ notification. a licensed plumber will install a water meter upon approval of the service line installation.
  13. All residential and commercial water services and fire lines will install Oak Bluffs-approved backflow devices.
  14.  New fire services installed will be metered. Meters will be installed in such a way for easy access by this department 12 to 16 inches off the floor and secured so that vibration will not occur in a horizontal position.
  15. The owner will be responsible to provide adequate protection for hot water tanks by providing relief valves as per State Plumbing Code.
  16. All costs incurred for a service line installation owed to the Oak Bluffs Water District must be paid in full before water is turned on to the property.
  17. Service lines will be installed on a first come basis with a minimum of 2 weeks’ time after application is submitted.

Download the Water Service Installation Form


Developers of Subdivisions or Building Projects

If you are a developer of a subdivision or project in the Town of Oak Bluffs which proposes to connect to the Town’s public water supply, you will need to fill out and submit an application for a Water System Impact Study.

The Study will be performed by the Water Department and/or its designated consultant and will include the following:
1. A study of the water system within the Subdivision or Project, involving analysis of flows, pressures and other applicable hydraulic data.

2. A study of the Subdivision or Project’s impact on the existing water facilities.

The developer will be required to deposit an amount into an escrow account to cover the cost of all engineering services. Any unexpended funds will be returned.

Completed applications should be delivered to the Oak Bluffs Water District at 96 Vineyard Ave Oak Bluffs, MA 02557.
Please see the Rules and Regulations of the Oak Bluffs Water District for more information.

If you have any questions please call the Water Department at 508-693-5527.